bespoke, handmade kitchens by bryan turner


People will often say they want a bespoke, handmade kitchen.

At Bryan Turner, that’s exactly what we do, and to the highest standards of luxury, quality and finish. 

But above all else, we build dream kitchens.

We just happen to believe bespoke and handmade is the only way you can deliver that perfect end result.

Although beautiful, artisanal craftsmanship is a big part of what makes a Bryan Turner kitchen special, it is just one part of a creative process which puts you at its heart.

We believe that bespoke goes beyond just made to measure. 


What makes a truly bespoke kitchen?

Bespoke runs through every stage of our service from initial blank canvass to finished kitchen. We don't do ‘off the peg’ at any part of the process.

From first contact our aim is simply to understand your vision of that dream kitchen. That could be over a coffee in our studio or that might in your own home, so we can immerse ourselves in the setting.

If you have a strong, crystal clear concept or if you are struggling for inspiration, it makes no difference. Only when we have listened and learned will we add our 30 years of creative expertise to develop the design.

Our process is intelligent, clear and above all, hugely exciting and fun, where you are engaged at every step.

It starts with the question: ‘What does perfection look like to you?’. A showstopping visual centrepiece for your home? An amazing cook’s paradise that is a pleasure to use? Or a stunning entertaining space that works for your family and social life? It could be all of those things.

We then match what you want to achieve with the architectural and design aesthetic of your home. We ensure that what we put in only enhances what is already there.

From that point we can start firing inspiration and generating ideas. You can be as hands on as you like and with Bryan Turner’s own developed eye for architectural proportion and design balance, we can provide very tailored input. 

We don’t just design kitchens, we design rooms.

Once we identify the look, feel and utility you want, only then do we develop the detail with you. We plan space intelligently so beautiful furniture and cabinetry design works effortlessly in the room. We help you pair a range of materials, textures, tones and finishes and give you a visual impression of how it will marry together.

It’s this process which makes a Bryan Turner kitchen bespoke way before it hits the workshop. It’s what makes every single finished kitchen utterly unique, because you are at the heart of it.

When our workshop receives the specification, that’s when bespoke design meets with truly one-off craftsmanship. 


What does a handmade kitchen mean to us?

Making things the timeless way, by hand, is our passion. 

Many of our clients come to our workshop to see their furniture being made before their eyes. It connects them to their kitchen in a very special way. We also encourage people who are considering a handmade kitchen to come and see for themselves the precision, skill and care we put into making every single element. 

We are just as adept at making kitchen cabinets as we are bedroom, bathroom, and living room furniture and our workshop brings together decades of furniture-making experience. Seeing skilled craftspeople at work is an absorbing sight and that’s why most who come along end up staying longer than they expected.

When you’re using hand tools and working with the natural variances in wood, metal and stone, the craftsman’s honed intuition is always at play, meaning uniqueness is built in to every element of every single kitchen.

Our techniques and skills are embedded in a British tradition that stems from Bryan Turner’s own extensive background in antique furniture restoration. English cabinetry and furniture making was for centuries among the world’s best. That spirit of excellence continues today in our workshop.

But traditional doesn’t have to mean old-fashioned. From the sleek, chic and ultra-modern to timeless styles and period influence, we have the skills and innovative techniques to create the style and form you want.

What’s always the same is a commitment to handcrafting the most beautiful kitchens we can.


A bespoke finish

The finishing touches can make all the difference.

At Bryan Turner the precision installation of your kitchen is an absolutely vital part of our tailored service. It’s where the vision becomes reality.

We put the same level of attention to detail and care in fitting your kitchen as we do making it. Our skilled installers will ensure everything is millimetre perfect, finessed and working seamlessly.

We’ll then follow up with you after installation to make sure you are happy and your kitchen is performing as it should.

Our bespoke service doesn’t stop until the only thing that’s left is for you to enjoy your kitchen.

bespoke handmade kitchens.
Handmade Kitchens